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About Millet Yard

Welcome to Millet Yard, where we believe in harnessing the power of nature to bring you wholesome and delicious millet-based snacks and grains. Established in 2023, Millet Yard is dedicated to providing nutritious, gluten-free alternatives that not only taste great but also promote a healthier lifestyle.



To Offer delicious and healthier products made from millet to help people stay well and support our planet.


Our Vision at Millet Yard is to bring back the goodness of millets to your home, so you can eat well and live well.



Nutrition | Quality | Innovation | Transparency | Sustainability



  • Cheesy Bliss - Jowar Puffs
  • Cheesy Tomato - Multigrain Puffs
  • Schezwan Sauce - Ragi Puffs
  • Mexican Chipotle - Ragi puffs
  • Chat Masala - Jowar Puffs 

Unpolished Millet whole grain (मोटा अनाज)

Kodo (कोदो) shree aan

Barnyard sava (सावा ) shree aan

Little millet kutki (कुटकी) shree aan

Sorghum millet jawar (ज्वार) shree aan

Finger millet ragi (रागी) shree aan

Foxtail millet kangni (कंगनी) shree aan

Pearl millet bajra (बाजरा) shree aan

Browntop millet Kangni (छोटी कंगनी,हरी कंगनी) shree aan

Proso millet Cheena (चेना) shree aan




"Millet Yard specializes in crafting wholesome snacks with our signature Millet Puffs and offering premium Millet Grains, promoting health-conscious choices for every palate."

Company name Millet Yard
Year of Establishment 2023
Business Strength Health & Unique Product
 Business Places Bhopal
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