Millets For Kids: Make Snack Time Delicious And Healthy

Millets For Kids: Make Snack Time Delicious And Healthy

It’s time to introduce kids to healthy snacking!

Food plays a very crucial role in the development of children. Growing up healthily requires protein-rich foods and a healthy diet, which kids usually run away from.

Kids are kids at heart and do not know the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods, and every parent wishes to have a solution for this.

Here, we understand one thing that kids are all about taste and appetising looking food. The first priority is to make children stop eating unhealthy fried snacks when bored and switch to healthy snacks. 

Adding millets to the diet is the healthiest option one can choose for their kids.

Millets, which have a low glycemic index and are therefore easy to digest, are regarded as an excellent diet for weaning infants onto solid foods and as a nutritious option for developing children. Getting children used to millet while they are young helps them acquire a taste for the grain, which, thankfully, can be substituted for grains like rice and wheat in traditional Indian meals to make them healthier. Millets are a food that can be used in a variety of ways and is quite healthy.

Millet-based eateries are more than just regular millet porridge or chapati; to make it according to kids' taste buds, we have come up with millet-based snacks.

Let’s see some alternative, healthy millet snacks that won’t make your kid skip their meal.

Delicious Millet Snacks For Kids

To convince kids to never skip their meals and consume better and healthier foods while snacking, provide them with similar looking and tasting alternatives that are just as healthy.

1. Mouth-Watering Millet Puffs

Regular cheesy fried puffs are easily available in the market, which is doing more damage to your kid’s health than you can imagine. Including millet puffs in their diet or as snacks will not just be nutritious for your kid’s health but also help develop a taste for the grains. Millet puffs can easily be found on and are available in three flavours: cream and onion, achaari, and sizzling hot and spicy lemon.

2. Drool-Worthy Millet Bhel

What’s better than regular street bhel? Millet bhel it is.

Kids are fond of eating street food, which invites unwanted health issues like stomach flu, tummy aches, and other various diseases. Millet bhel is a healthier version of this popular street food. Can easily be found on; millet bhel comes in chatpati imli flavour.

3. Yummy Millet Cookies

Sugary treats are best friends to children, but they are nowhere close to healthy food choices. Adding millet cookies to their snacks will help them acquire a taste for better treats and also help fill their stomachs. Millet cookies can easily be made at home using your preferred millet flour and stevia for sweetness. Healthy and nutritious millet cookies are the new way to silence your kids hungry tummies while not compromising their need for snacking.

4. Healthy Millet Shakes

Who doesn’t like thick chocolate and sugary milkshakes? But the amount of sugar and preservatives used in such shakes is beyond destructive for any human’s health, especially a kid’s. But no worries! You can always prepare a healthy alternative for your kid. Millet-based shakes are easy to make at home with any of the millets like bajra, ragi, foxtail, etc., along with preferred fruits for sweetness. Instead of sugar, you can also use stevia and prepare an entirely new, healthy, and delicious drink for your kids.

The Bottom Line

We have firm faith in, and actively support, the idea that a happy and healthy beginning paves the way for a happier life overall. After all, the intelligent decisions made by parents who teach their children good dietary habits at an early age are ultimately responsible for every healthy child.

Adding millet-based diets will not only secure your child’s health but will also help them lead a positive lifestyle.

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